About the MiNegoshi database

All companies and entrepreneurs that come into contact with MEO through the MiNegoshi platform, workshops, conferences, training courses and programs for SMEs will automatically become members of this database. The MiNegoshi database will give MEO a better perspective of the specific needs of the members are, in order to continue supporting and stimulating them, and to draw up appropriate policy in favor of the SME sector. Through the MiNegoshi database, the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) registers, stores and manages data about companies and individuals in Curaçao. In addition, companies get more exposure through the database, which can generate more potential customers.

Manage your profile

After you have registered as a company or individual, you will receive login details via email. You can easily manage your company or individual profile via the login portal.


Interested in starting your own business? Then visit the MiNegoshi website for more information.